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    Bridget Wesson

    As a chemical engineer, I am very particular about my health and care.

    The entire staff treated me so well, and I can't wait to having normal breathing for the first time in my life.

    Thank you, Dr Yeung
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    Houshang Bassiri

    Dr Yeung fixed everything.
    3 prior sinus surgeries and still had chronic sinus headaches and facial pain .
    All chronic pains are gone now.
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    William Legate

    Dr yeung examined my problems an did a c scan in his office an described what my problem was an advised me ge would have to do 3 procedures i agreed he performed surgery 9 days ago gave me my life back after 20 years of sinus problems AFRIN good ridden Great Dr
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    Nathaniel Martin

    As bad as my tonsils were, he did a miracle.
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    Nilang Patel

    Dr Yeung and Dawn were extremely professional and personable. Very satisfied.
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    Jonathan Splinder

    Amazing results post Sinus Surgery! Highly recommended Doc.
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    Clayton Demmy

    After my surgery with my nose, I could breath like when I was young.
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    Dr. Yeung is a great doctor, I recommend his practice!
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    Sean Odon

    Very thorough when showing the xrays and patient with questions! Thank you!
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    Haitham Swaidan