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    D H

    ng myself for not writing a review for so long, when the surgery seriously changed my life for the better. As I finally forced myself on this 8th anniversary to write what I expected to be a unique very good review, but started reading some here first, and was in amazement that so many others had already written the good things I planned to write.

    I saw my sinus scan result, ordered and done elsewhere after my first visit with Dr Yeung, and in layman’s terms, my sinus area directly above the nose in forehead area, was inferior- totally plugged. My area below the eyes, in cheeks was fine. So, I would have a partially or mostly plugged up nose to try to breathe out of often, especially at allergy time, or if I got a cold/sinus infection, which I got often. And those sinus infections got worse and more frequent as I got older (I’m now 61), and it would drip down my throat and into my lungs, giving me a lung infection, almost like a light pneumonia, repeatedly. By the time I was 50, I knew how I would die- from a pneumonia type lung infection, caused from drippy sinus infections.

    Thank God I moved to Houston, Texas in 2012, finding Dr Cecil Yeung. He reamed out my upper sinus area good, and checked it over weekly and then every 2 weeks for a couple months or so, and I’ve never had the problems I did have. I don’t even recall having much of a cold since, and used to yearly get them, though I did get a lengthy 2 month COVID19 infection right in the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, but didn’t get seriously ill, just a lingering small lung infection, that briefly started in the sinus. I could always breathe though.

    Since my surgery, I have continued almost once daily, rinsing my sinus though, with that bottle you buy for after the surgery, and I just add a small amount of salt in water and microwave heat it up and let it cool somewhat before using. It does help rinse any starting globs of snottiness out if they form, which are usually still mostly clear colored now, but used to always be yellow infections before the surgery.

    So, here is to our hero, Dr. Yeung, who apparently has saved so many so much misery, and certainly added lengths to lives,

    so has saved lives! Stay happy and humble Doctor, so you can be praised as one of the few excellent guys, and few doctors that can be respected completely.

    So few others even do their job well.
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    Victor Li

    I had a very narrow air path inside my nose , I could barely breath out of my nose for many years, it sometimes made me dizzy and sometimes it happend while i'm driving. After CT scan, Dr. Yeung quickly point out my problem and had a very confident solution for me, and he did it . After a sucesful surgery.I felt so great when breath use my nose, a lot of air flow than before. Don't feel dizzy any more and nigh sleep is great without using mouse to breath. He is the best doctor at his field! Highly recommended!
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    Cindy A

    Dr. Yeung and all his staff are all very nice and professional. Dr.Yeung took his time to explain everything to me and did a wonderful job! I definitely recommend him!!
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    We took our ten year old daughter to see Dr. Yeung for nasal polyp removal. Dr. Yeung and his team worked collaboratively in ensuring that my daughter was in good hands. They answered all of my questions, put me at ease that everything was going to be fine. Dr. Yeung is very good at what he does, he is very meticulous at his skill and wants do to what is best for his patients. My daughter had a very difficult time breathing normally for a period of time. Dr. Yeung explained and showed us xrays images of what my daughter was going through, he was able to get rid of the problem and allow my daughter to breathe again without losing her sense of smell and taste. I am very happy, glad and blessed that we made the ten hour trip to see Dr. Yeung, we are very pleased with his work and his main focus of his patients. His office staff is very caring, friendly and compassionate, which made everything else fall into place.
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    Papa J

    Dr. Yeung performed a Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, Septoplasty, Reduction of “Bilateral Inferior Turbidates”, and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Maxillary, Sphenoid, Ethmoid and Frontal sinuses, Bilaterally) on me. He did it all in one outpatient visit. He’s an ENT Specialist and Plastic Surgeon.

    I had heard enough horror stories on botched surgeries of these types from friends and family that I wanted to find someone that wouldn’t screw it up. After an initial appointment with another big ENT office in North Houston, they assigned Septoplasty surgery without even imaging my sinuses to see what all the issues were. The first thing Dr. Yeung did was image me and show me all the issues.

    Dr. Yeung is a perfectionist and very direct guy. He comes off as a little arrogant but he gets through to you on following time proven recovery practices that get you healed up right. He also does follow up appointments until absolutely sure everything is totally healed correctly. I’m now CPAP and snoring free. Thanks Dr. Yeung!
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    trent b

    I was taking afrin twice per day every day for years because the lack of airflow through my nose was unbearable. i tried everything, nothing helped. turns out i had a huge bone spur on my septum and it was completely occluding my right nostril. after my surgery by Dr Yeung my life has changed. being able to breath completely has improved my quality of life tremendously. the staff were very helpful with getting the insurance in order and made my surgery possible. Dr Yeung is a straight shooter who has seen it all and is prepared to handle any problem.
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    XRP A

    Dr. Yeung and his Staff are the most committed people in this field that I know and they work very hard to make your experience the best one. Thank you Dr. Yeung and Staff, I truly had an amazing experience coming here and I’m glad for choosing your practice to help me with my medical need.
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    Shelley J

    Dr. Heung has made an significant improvement in my breathing. Prior to Dr. Yeung, I had 4 sinus surgeries that never corrected the problem and I could never breathe properly. Within the 15-year time frame, I have been to a total of 7 ENT doctor's all claiming they could "fix the problem". It wasn't until my husband went to Dr. Yeung for sinus surgery, that's when I finally decided to sign-up for another surgery. I can finally breathe properly thanks to Dr. Yeung. He is very thorough and tells me "He does everything". I would highly recommend him to someone that ongoing sinus issues. I wish I could have found him sooner.
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    Amanda P

    I dealt with recurrent sinus infections and sinus headaches for years, friends and family would always make comments like, "you're sick, AGAIN!". Thank goodness I found Dr. Yeung. Tried plenty of sprays, allergy meds, other ENTs, allergist, and finally decided surgery might be the best option. Not only did sinus surgery cure the headaches and infections, I also sleep so much better at night. I didn't realize how much difficulty I was having breathing until after surgery. My experience with Dr. Yeung was positive. Yes, he is straight to the point and will expect you to know the answers to his questions- you are the only one who can explain your symptoms to him! I would highly recommend anyone having sinus troubles to go see Dr. Yeung!
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    Sarah C

    I went to see Dr. Yeung for a second opinion prior to sinus surgery I had scheduled with another ENT. I am SO GRATEFUL I DID! Dr. Yeung explained that the deviated septum surgery I was to undergo was the least of my troubles. The constant sinus infections I’ve had for the last 12 months (since moving to Houston) were thanks to mis-formations in my sinus cavities. I had been on FOUR rounds of steroids, multiple antibiotics, and still hadn’t been able to kick the infections. I opted to have Dr. Yeung perform the surgery, and I haven’t had a sinus infection since! I’ve even been able to stop taking asthma medication as a result of the surgery.

    As for his staff, Natalie and Dawn are AMAZING! Dawn walked me through the pre-op instructions and fielded all of my questions. I’m sure she answers these questions 1,000 times a day, and yet I felt like she was answering them for the first time. She was very engaged. Natalie is always so warm and friendly — and genuinely interested in how you’re doing. She often helps out in the exam room and has a very soft, gentle touch. She did my COVID test and it was virtually painless! Let’s just say, I miss seeing both Dawn and Natalie now that I’m on the mend! :)

    Wynne (I’m probably misspelling her name) was a terrific nurse! She got the IV in without any difficulty. She was very reassuring, very helpful, and I really enjoyed visiting with her as she prepped me for surgery. Dr. Lee was a saint of an anesthesiologist! I didn’t have ANY nausea or vomiting after surgery (which I had had previously after a foot surgery several years ago).

    If you’re looking for an EXCELLENT surgeon and medical team, you’ve found it at the Yeung Institute! I’m incredibly grateful I found them. I highly recommend them to ALL of my friends and family, and even my enemies. ;)

    One note: bring something to read/work on when you have an appointment. Sometimes you may have to wait a bit to be seen. However, the wait is ABSOLUTELY worth it.