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    Andre C

    From the first day I walked into the office (after reading excellent google reviews) to every follow up appointment, I feel that I was taken care of initially by the friendly staff, to the doctor, anesthesiologist, and nurses on the day of surgery, to every follow up appointment after that. I have noticed an excellent improvement in my breathing and over all well being. I think Dr Yeung is an excellent doctor, and does a great job taking care of your sinus.
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    Veronica Simpson

    I have had chronic sinus problems for over 10 years. This included no taste or smell, nasal polyps, and infections. This was my fifth surgery and will be my final one. Dr. Yeung, is the first doctor to finally get it right. My surgery was on October 18, 2017 and I feel like a new person. I can now enjoy my food and I’m able to smell. His personality may be a turn off, because he is arrogant and very confident about his work. If you are able to get pass his personality, I think it is well worth it.
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    Nancy Nguyen

    I’ve been to several doctors for my sinus problems, none were able to help me until I found Dr. Cecil Yeung. He is my superhero who explained the whole procedures (sinus surgery and deviated septum surgery) and now I’m breathing normal again! The appointment was quick and easy. Had the surgery done within 2 weeks. All the staff is very welcoming and professional. Natalie (front desk) is the sweetest, she is very attentive and friendly. Highly recommend The Yeung Institute!!
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    Kendall Marie

    I’m writing a review because this is my first ever surgery experience, My family has known Dr.Yueng for a while, so we knew he was a great doctor and surgeon. I struggled with chronic migraines all my life and recently I started to get lots of inner ear infections so I came to get it checked out, turns out I had a lot wrong with my sinuses, causing all these problems, but Dr. Yueng has fixed them and I have felt better than ever. Also, The front desk staff is super nice!! I love Natalie, she is so sweet and makes sure you are all comfortable and Dawn is great too, if you have any questions or anything you didn’t quite understand they can both explain it to you perfectly.
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    Yasmine Sedky

    Dr. Yeung is highly skilled at his profession. With over 15 years of going to different doctors and no positive outcome for my ear / sinus infections, Dr. Yeung identified my sinus problem areas, deviated septum and other problems causing my discomfort in one visit.

    I'm two weeks post op, and I have to say the surgery went fantastic. I am finally able to breathe, and I have a new nose to show off as well. Couldn't be happier & can't wait till I'm fully healed.

    The staff was extremely helpful as well, Kyra the surgery nurse did a great job making me feel comfortable.
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    Gari Meacham

    Dr. Yeung fixed the mistakes of two other surgeons. I honestly had no hope of breathing normally and having a clear head. It feels almost miraculous to be able to breathe how I breathe now. We had some communication problems at first, but as we talked it out he became one of my favorite doctors. He truly is the best in the country and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants REAL results.
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    Jeff Knowles

    I had sinus surgery in Dallas almost 20 years ago...the recovery was very painful and the outcome was disappointing. I was referred to Dr. Yeung by my local allergy doctor after suffering sever sinus problems and polyps for years. I was very reluctant to try surgery again, but the results are terrific and my only regret is waiting too long to find the right surgeon to perform the procedure properly. Dr. Yeung was very professional and his medical staff also did a great job. My sense of taste and smell has improved 100% and I sleep better because I can breath normally. His attention to detail and post-op regimen was critical to my successful outcome and I'm convinced that is what sets him apart.
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    Dr. Yeung is a brilliant surgeon. I have been dealing with sinus pain and issues most of my life, the last 20 years it has been chronic. I have been to many specialist and not one could fix the issue, they would just put me on steroids and antibiotics and say it was allergy related. I had the series of allergy shots 10 years ago and last year and nothing worked. On my first appointment with Dr. Yeung, he did a cat scan, examination and discovered the issue and suggested surgery. It has been five weeks since my surgery and no pain! I feel great, I have never gone five weeks without having sinus pain! The office staff and nurses are great as well. It was my first surgery and they made me feel so comfortable. The surgery was life changing for me and I am so happy with the outcome.
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    Georgine Kraft

    Had unsuccessful septoplasty 2 years ago. Dr Yeung has reputation of being the best in his field. He did not disappoint. He performed a ct scan and showed me exactly why I continued to have difficulty breathing. He performed my surgery and I am ecstatic about the results. Would highly recommend him.
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    Melissa hamilton

    Dr Yeung has an incredible background that doesn’t disappoint in his field, I went into this office with multiple issues and some serious concerns that I had given up on every being fixed, I previously had two surgeries, one being septoplasty and a revision with a previous surgeon who created more problems and deformities. Dr Yeung identified my concerns with initial CT scan at the consultation and I was on my way to my new beginning. Simplistic process in dealing with the staff and Dr Yeung directly. I finally have my confidence back, thank you Dr Yeung.