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At Houston Sinus Surgery, we provide the complete continuum of care for all sinus and nasal disorders, including sinusitis, deviated septum and nasal polyps. Our emphasis is on tailoring the right treatment for each patient’s particular needs – designed to deliver long-lasting symptom relief.

When conservative treatments are ineffective and sinus surgery is absolutely necessary, patients can feel confident in Dr. Cecil Yeung’s expertise. A top Houston ENT doctor specializing in sinus surgery, Dr. Yeung has more than 20 years of experience. In fact, he pioneered functional endoscopic sinus surgery in Houston and has performed more than 4,000 sinus surgeries with exceptional results. Known for his meticulous surgical techniques and technical precision, Dr. Yeung has an average surgery re-do rate of less than 1%, compared to the national average of 30%. Many other Houston ENT doctors have been taught the techniques of functional endoscopic sinus surgery directly from Dr. Yeung.

Patients can expect not only compassionate and expert care at Houston Sinus Surgery, they can also expect a convenient experience from start to finish. Our office is located in the heart of the museum district, just minutes away from the Galleria and Medical Center in Houston, Texas. We offer accessible parking and a private, serene, professional setting where our patients can expect superior quality every time. From a basic ENT consultation, to a CT scan of the sinuses and surgical procedures – we offer everything under one roof, so that your treatment is as streamlined and seamless as possible.

All of our procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art, fully accredited surgery center on premises, giving patients access to the most innovative technology, top anesthesiologists, and nurses, without the inconvenience of a hospital. This facility is a truly unique center built around our patients’ needs and best interests.

Dr. Yeung and the entire medical team at Houston Sinus Surgery are dedicated to developing and maintaining the highest confidence among our patients. No matter what your condition, we will create an individualized treatment plan that’s designed to get you back to your life symptom-free, as quickly as possible.

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care