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    Uchegbulem Eze

    I had excruciating pain from swollen lymph nodes about a month ago. I went to the urgent care and was given medications that did not work. I was referred to Dr Yeung and came in. He provided me with a proper diagnosis as well as medications and some supplemental things to follow at home. The medications worked immediately and the swelling had gone down. I went back for a follow-up and everything was fine. Dr Yeung is a great doctor and his staff is wonderful. I had a great experience and I am happy that I chose Yeung Institute!
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    Daniel Quintanilla

    Every time I would go to sleep, one nostril would get stuffed up, making it very difficult to sleep. Also in the morning, I would wake up with the same thing. Had this problem for over 15 years. Dr. Yeung knew exactly what was wrong, and fixed the issue. Heads up, the first 2 days after surgery are terrible! Be prepared! All is well now. Also, follow his instructions afterwards for a speedy recovery.
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    Peter Walton

    Dr. Yueng & his team are legit.

    I had a chronic runny nose & fatigue problems (naps every evening after work, just tired).

    The team did a septoplasty surgery and some other stuff (septoplasty + + as far as I’m concerned).

    I’m 3 weeks post surgery and feeling.................B O O S T E D..............and breathing as if I have two horse nostrils.

    If you think something is up, or just want to upgrayedd your nose schedule an appointment.

    10/10 , 100/100, 5 stars
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    John Bgoode

    After years of chronic sinusitis and a botched sinus surgery I found Dr. Yeung. He was able to show me the what was creating the problems, and offered rapid resolution. Dr Yeung's background and skills are second to none in my opinion, as I had no swelling or pain after surgery. His staff is top notch and greatly appreciated.

    J. Stalcup
    Woodlands, Tx
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    Stephanie Washington

    I've had chronic sinititus for 8 years , had a "ballon sinuplasty" 3 years ago and it worked for a very short amount of time. I finally got sick of the amoxicillin and over the counter drugs not working and going to consultations that seemed like they didn't know what they were doing. Found Dr. Yeung on Zocdoc and I'm so glad I made the decision to go with him. His staff is extremely professional , Dr. Yeung sat with me and told me I had a deviated septum and that he checked my ct scan and the other ent didn't do a good job not only did he not do a good job but he couldn't even see the "balloons" that were done for my previous sinuplasty and I appreciate his honesty. I had my surgery and within the week I had never breathed better in my life I'm so glad I put my trust in Dr. Yeung he is simply amazing. Don't second guess just schedule a consultation , you won't be disappointed.
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    Sheryl Lynn

    Dr. Yeong is very skilled in his field. His expertise and committed to doing the best he can is reflected in patient's faces!

    His staff does have a turn over rate, but his staff was not the reason I chose to go to him. If the girls fail to do their job properly or show intuitive to learning, then they need to be let go. Having worked in Maxi-facial/cranial offices it takes a while to get the right assistants/receptionists to make a united team.
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    Richard Lu

    This is the place to go!!!

    The best Doctor in the Houston area, @Doctor Yeung, and his staff @Nicole and Tammy, Absolutely amazing. Couldn't have asked for more, they are all so nice and professional.
    Came in to see doctor Yeung because i heard he was great, turns out he is better then expected. I can now finally breath again!
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    Dr yueng is great !! I feel 100% better after the complete removal of a severe case of nasal polyps . I'm only two weeks out of surgery an my sense smell is starting to return !????thx doc
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    Barbara Finberg

    I had an amazing experience with the Yeung Institute. The staff and surgery were effective and painless! I couldn't recommend them more, if you need sinus surgery, this is the place to go.
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    Matthew Hekimian

    The Best DOCTOR!
    I am very picky, when comes to DRS. and from my personal experience, this is the Best Dr. i have met, and you can trust him. Dr. Cecil Yeung very professional,effective,efficient and very detailed with miracle hands and highly recommended through out Dr.Community. Do not hesitate,and schedule an appointment.I had my Sinus Surgery with Dr. Cecil Yeung on Feb.5 2014. I was not nervous at all, and all of the stuff ( Whitney, Auri ( i am sorry if i missed spell your name darling ) Paula are the best little family team with exceptional customer service always. Many thanks to all his staff who assist me at that special day. My surgery was as expected - THE BEST treatment, care - surgery i had! Tomorrow if my check up after surgery and i know everything will go smooth and great. Thank you to DR. CECIL YEUNG and his parents ( who have the best son ). I will do my best for my two boys grow up to his level and professionalism!

    Natalya Hekimian