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    Dana Hartman

    Few surgeons are as meticulous Dr. Yeung. He holds himself to the highest standards of care. When you meet him, you will know how his demanding nature as a surgeon translates to excellent results.
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    Leslie Thompkins

    Overall great outcome. I was reluctant to undergo surgery, but my symptoms got so bad that I had to make the decision to do it. My sister-in-law had sinus surgery and a rhinoplasty with Dr. Yeung about ten years ago and has been doing great ever I took her suggestion and went to him. I am coming up on my 'one-year after surgery' date and can happily report that I am free of sinus infections and congestion. I am very happy with my choice and would highly recommend him.
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    Lauren G

    Excellent doctor. Very happy with the results of my sinus surgery. I've never felt better.
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    Fred Krajewski

    Awesome surgeon. Cured my sinus issues. I was so tired of taking antibiotics and steroids. I am finally free from all the prescriptions and nasal sprays! Dr. Yeung is very experienced and a talented surgeon. I am very grateful for what he did for me.
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    Chris B

    I am very happy with my sinus surgery. The care was great and the whole process went smoothly. Dr. Yeung thoroughly explained my condition. He spends a lot of time with you to go through all of your symptoms and reads the CT scan with you in a very detailed fashion so you know exactly what is going on. I have never felt so good and been able to breathe this well. No more sinus infections!!! I would highly recommend him and have even sent a few friends there.