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    Ameer S

    I struggled breathing for as long as I could remember and now thanks to Dr. Yeung that is a thing of the past. It has been 2 months since my surgery and I am breathing better than ever. Staff is very nice and I could not recommend enough.
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    Sharon R

    I have had so many experiences out here and everyone has been nice people ????????
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    ozair k

    Great place for ENT!! The doctor took great care of me and gave me a lot of information about healthy habits to adopt!
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    Johnny P

    Dr. Yeung is amazing. I had been having breathing issue for my entire life. I had excess growth of tissues and bony structures inside my nose, which basically blocked my nasal passage. I came to see Dr. Yeung and scheduled for a surgery. I felt so much better just one week after the surgery. It has been over a month since then, and breathing has never been this easy. I actually had two surgeries before Dr. Yeung: one was about 10 years ago, and the other about 20 years ago. The results from these previous experience were not great; I was still having breathing issue after. Not only was Dr. Yeung's surgery provided superior results, the recovering was smoother. Dr. Yeung's staff was very helpful and always friendly. The instructions given during the pre ops meeting were very clear. Rescheduling was made very easy. I had really great experience. Thank you Dr. Yeung and the staff!
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    Debra J H

    For years I thought all my respiratory problems were just extreme allergies. I visited allergists, GPs, ENTs...with little relief. After a solid 6 months of antibiotics for ear infections, sinusitis & pneumonia I screamed for help. Dr. Yeung's MRI showed total blockage of my sinus cavity on the right & left side. Surgery was necessary & it uncovered that I had a sinus fungal infection...possibly for decades. YIKES!! Recovery wasn't pleasant ... it's surgery...I just kept thinking about getting healthy! BUT, HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS. (1) I breathe better than ever. (2) This allergy season - NO issues, no headaches... even with yellow pollen covering everything. (3) My snoring is gone that I've had since childhood.

    The staff are amazing, professional & friendly. Dr. Yeung is fantastic & a great surgeon. I say, "Pick up the phone & call them now if you want relief."
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    Dr. Yeung is the Best. Don't even try to disprove the statement, cause I would mop the floor with you if you tried.

    He is very direct, don't be intimidated. He's a doctor that wants to get to the root cause so he can fix the problem. I had read that the avg surgery redo rate is 30% in this field. His is less than 1%. Need surgery? Get it done by him.

    Also, Dawn, Ruhi and everyone else in that office was so patient, understanding, and sweet with me. Actually Dawn went above and beyond in helping me with organizing my surgery. It really means a lot to me. Thank you so much Dawn, you're Awesome!

    I had gone to an ENT before and they told me I had a deviated septum. They prescribed me stuff. Nothing helped. Then I just lived with headaches and feeling like I couldn't breathe enough air. I got tired of it and went to visit Dr. Yeung. It was the best decision to make. He actually cared enough to see why I wasn't breathing. He quickly diagnosed the issue (It was more than just a deviated septum). He made a recommendation for surgery and I said "ok". Now I can actually feel the air through my nostrils entering my body. It is one of the greatest sensations to me. I used to be a long distance runner and my focus on my breathe was always key for running miles without stopping, so I am extremely excited to be able to have this breathing sensation again.

    I'm Already feeling Yeung-er! ????
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    Karl P

    - Nalsal septum surgery-
    I suffered a year not being able to Breath consistently through my nose and my sense of smell was long gone...before finding Dr. Yeung I went somewhere else, all I will say is it costed me some pretty money for surgery and after a month I was told my nasal polyps where growing back "that quick I asked, what are they growing like grass ????" and before I knew it I was back in the same situation I started from...that's when I search around and found Dr. Yeung who pretty much told me I needed major surgery, I asked him about the polyps growing back from a previous surgery and he told me "if I lost a leg will it grow back again?" LOL I decided to trust him & went with the major surgery and it was a success! After my follow up vist I was already regaining my sense of smell, my mouth use to be so DRY from trying to get oxygen to to my brain & now I can breathe freely through my nose! To me Dr Yeung is the Bruce Lee in his field of work, I suggest coming here before going anywhere else, the staff is great ???? polite and friendly and call u by last name ????✌...
    Thanks Dr Yeung ???? for helping us to Breath again.
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    James R

    The experience was great! sinus procedure went well , experiencing significantly less sinus headaches, no longer taking Claritin or Claritin D I would definitely recommend this surgery.
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    D H

    I had my sinus surgery 8 years ago to the month, in Oct 2013, and have been berating myself for not writing a review for so long, when the surgery seriously changed my life for the better. As I finally forced myself on this 8th anniversary to write what I expected to be a unique very good review, but started reading some here first, and was in amazement that so many others had already written the good things I planned to write.

    I saw my sinus scan result, ordered and done elsewhere after my first visit with Dr Yeung, and in layman’s terms, my sinus area directly above the nose in forehead area, was inferior- totally plugged. My area below the eyes, in cheeks was fine. So, I would have a partially or mostly plugged up nose to try to breathe out of often, especially at allergy time, or if I got a cold/sinus infection, which I got often. And those sinus infections got worse and more frequent as I got older (I’m now 61), and it would drip down my throat and into my lungs, giving me a lung infection, almost like a light pneumonia, repeatedly. By the time I was 50, I knew how I would die- from a pneumonia type lung infection, caused from drippy sinus infections.

    Thank God I moved to Houston, Texas in 2012, finding Dr Cecil Yeung. He reamed out my upper sinus area good, and checked it over weekly and then every 2 weeks for a couple months or so, and I’ve never had the problems I did have. I don’t even recall having much of a cold since, and used to yearly get them, though I did get a lengthy 2 month COVID19 infection right in the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, but didn’t get seriously ill, just a lingering small lung infection, that briefly started in the sinus. I could always breathe though.

    Since my surgery, I have continued almost once daily, rinsing my sinus though, with that bottle you buy for after the surgery, and I just add a small amount of salt in water and microwave heat it up and let it cool somewhat before using. It does help rinse any starting globs of snottiness out if they form, which are usually still mostly clear colored now, but used to always be yellow infections before the surgery.

    So, here is to our hero, Dr. Yeung, who apparently has saved so many so much misery, and certainly added lengths to lives,

    so has saved lives! Stay happy and humble Doctor, so you can be praised as one of the few excellent guys, and few doctors that can be respected completely.

    So few others even do their job well.
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    Yessenia L

    Dr. Yeung and and his staff are very professional. Great bedside manners and very informative. Ruhi and Dawn were extremely helpful and attentive to my needs as I decided on getting a rhinoplasty, it’s been 7 weeks and I’m still getting the best care. Also my nose looks amazing and I can finally breath, so I would definitely recommend Dr. Yeung and would see him again in the future if in need of other procedures.