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    J. D.

    I was able to go back to work in a short period of time.
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    T. D.

    Staff was helpful. Smooth process. Great results.
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    C. S.

    I can breathe better. Thanks, Dr. Yeung.
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    A. R.

    Dr. Yeung is the best doctor!! I leave the comforts of my hometown in Alvin to a beautiful area in downtown Houston just to see him and his wonderful staff. His precise sinus surgery corrected my chronic sinus illness. I went to him to correct a prior sinus surgery. I contend with horses, stalls, hay, dogs, cats, weather and other allergens on a daily basis. I was considering giving up the hobbies that I love because of my sinus issues. Dr. Yeung’s sinus surgery made it possible for me to continue to do the things I love. He looked at my personal case and performed his skills with his hands, which are tools given from the almighty up above. How amazing is that? I can only IMAGINE his cosmetic skills. I wish I could do a billboard for him to show how much it is appreciated. His office staff is the best. They are simply beautiful, down to earth people. When I leave there, I feel like I am leaving my family. Thank you Yeung Institute!!
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    B. S.

    My results met my expectations and I can finally breathe! My nose looks great, too.
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    C. S.

    Excellent facility; I loved that I could get into my car within a few steps of the building after the procedure. It was very private and convenient, much better than a large facility. Everyone was very professional but kind at the same time. They explained every step of my procedure and that was very comforting.
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    M. T.

    This was my first surgery with Dr. Yeung, third sinus surgery total. I am totally pleased with every aspect of the experience. You are on my A list!
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    I am immensely grateful to Dr. Yeung and his team for the life-changing surgery I underwent almost three months ago. Suffering from chronic sinus issues and allergies, I reached a breaking point with severe sinus headaches and pressure during flights on airplanes. Dr. Yeung's precise diagnosis and thorough preoperative assessment assured me of his expertise. As a fellow physician, I chose his care based on numerous recommendations from medical professionals and family friends.

    The success of my septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and functional endoscopic sinus surgery has significantly improved my quality of life. Breathing effortlessly through both nostrils, even during a recent cold, brought immense relief. Dr. Yeung's surgical skill goes beyond just resecting tissue; he enhances functional outcomes by improving sinus anatomy and is a leader in the field.

    Postoperative care was exceptional, with Dr. Yeung and his team, especially Chelsea, his nurse, providing valuable reassurance and guidance throughout my recovery. While the first post-operative week was uncomfortable, I still encountered minimal to no pain during this time fortunately, and it was well worth the noticeable improvement in congestion I had afterwards. He has a time-tested plan to help patient's recover faster and he regularly checked on me every 1-2 weeks post-operatively.

    I extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Yeung for his exceptional care and transformative results!
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    Misael S

    Great friendly and knowledgeable staff. Went to doctor Yeung to fix a deviated septum. Dr. Yeung has a great sense of humor, is very professional and attentive. Although the 3 day post surgery is very painful, it is totally worth it and life changing. I am finally able to sleep all night without any sinuses issues. I'll totally recommend Dr. Yeung! Great experience!
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    Olivia Ek

    Had to get functional sinus surgery, i was able to schedule very quickly after first visit. Staff always super helpful and i was able to reach them post-op no problem!