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    C. S.

    I can breathe better. Thanks, Dr. Yeung.
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    A. R.

    Dr. Yeung is the best doctor!! I leave the comforts of my hometown in Alvin to a beautiful area in downtown Houston just to see him and his wonderful staff. His precise sinus surgery corrected my chronic sinus illness. I went to him to correct a prior sinus surgery. I contend with horses, stalls, hay, dogs, cats, weather and other allergens on a daily basis. I was considering giving up the hobbies that I love because of my sinus issues. Dr. Yeung’s sinus surgery made it possible for me to continue to do the things I love. He looked at my personal case and performed his skills with his hands, which are tools given from the almighty up above. How amazing is that? I can only IMAGINE his cosmetic skills. I wish I could do a billboard for him to show how much it is appreciated. His office staff is the best. They are simply beautiful, down to earth people. When I leave there, I feel like I am leaving my family. Thank you Yeung Institute!!
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    B. S.

    My results met my expectations and I can finally breathe! My nose looks great, too.
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    C. S.

    Excellent facility; I loved that I could get into my car within a few steps of the building after the procedure. It was very private and convenient, much better than a large facility. Everyone was very professional but kind at the same time. They explained every step of my procedure and that was very comforting.
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    M. T.

    This was my first surgery with Dr. Yeung, third sinus surgery total. I am totally pleased with every aspect of the experience. You are on my A list!
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    Jason R

    Compassionate and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
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    Sheryl L

    I had a deep plane facelift and forehead lift by Dr Burchhardt. She is a top notch surgeon and my results are fantastic! I would not hesitate to seek her services again!
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    Janann S

    What a great experience! I’ve had juvaderma lip filler in the past but it never really looked the way I wanted it but Dr. Burchardt did the most amazing evenly placed lip injections with no pain whatsoever I get compliments constantly. Thank you Dr. Burchardt for making look and fill beautiful.