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    Ariel S

    We brought our 4 year old son for a consultation with Dr. Yeung. Our son had failed a hearing test, and the pediatrician recommended that we have him evaluated both for hearing, as well as other sinus issues (as there is a family history). Dr. Yeung put our son at ease - which was very important to us. He asked a variety of questions, and kept the appointment moving along. It seems some folks on these reviews interpreted this as rushed - but we felt we had our questions answered, and that it was efficient (and this means a lot when dealing with an inquisitive child!). We appreciated that he took a holistic approach, and did not immediately recommend surgery - but rather suggested different options. We left feeling informed, and would certainly use Dr. Yeung again should we need to take additional steps!
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    Paula J

    Dr. Cecil was very friendly and personable. He explained everything really well and answered all my questions thoroughly. I would definitely recommend him!
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    Verified Patient

    I went to Dr. Yeung for sinus surgery at the request of my family physician. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I have never had surgery before. Dr. Yeung was very professional, informative and helpful. He spent a lot of time discussing why I needed surgery, what to expect from the surgery and was happy to answer all of my questions…. And I asked a lot of questions! I found his staff to be particularly helpful. They always called me back when they said they would (which is rare!) and they helped me a lot with my insurance company. I did have to wait about 30 minutes, but it was definitely worth it. He’s very direct and honest, which I greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yeung for anyone who needs sinus surgery
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    Peggie K

    He was personable and showed that he was interested in my problem. He made me feel like I could depend on him to take care of my problems. He didn't rush me out and not take care of my problem.
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    Troy M

    Very nice, to the point and informative .
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    Lynda M

    I like the way I could go online and make my appt. Dr. Yeung is a wonderful Dr., He explained things to me and I feel with me having a hard time to breath it will be very soon where I will breathe easy again.
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    Dolly B

    When I arrived I was disappointed because it looked like another glossy cosmetic surgery office and I wanted a straight forward ENT. He does both. He spent a lot of time with me and asked about 20 questions and took very complete notes before writing a prescription for my allergies.It wasn't just write and run which I appreciate. He is very thorough and I would highly recommend him. D. Barrios
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    Ive been a patient of Dr. Yeung's for many years. He helped me with sinus infections and done amazing surgery to fix it. I can breath now and sleep much better. I could not thank him enough.
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    Friendly, very knowledgable staff and Doctor