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Fix Your Deviated Septum and More with a Nose Job

When it comes to plastic surgeries in the United States, nose jobs hold the No. 1 spot, with more than 350,000 performed in 2020 alone. One of the reasons why rhinoplasty — which is a procedure that reshapes the nose — is so popular is that it can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

However, as ear, nose, and throat specialists, the team here at Houston Sinus Surgery also understands that we can accomplish more than cosmetic goals with a nose job. If you’re struggling with a symptomatic deviated septum, we can correct this issue as well during your procedure.

Called a septorhinoplasty, we can improve both form and function by reshaping your nose and fixing your deviated septum at the same time. In this blog, Dr. Cecil Yeung explains more about what a septorhinoplasty is and what happens during the procedure.

Two birds, one stone

Your septum is a thin piece of tissue that separates your nostrils. Ideally, this tissue would equally divide your nostrils to allow air to flow freely. However, if this tissue is off-center, this can cause breathing problems and other complications.

Unfortunately, up to 80% of people have septums that are off-center. For many of these people, the deviation doesn’t present any issues, but for others, the imbalance is enough to create breathing and other issues. If Dr. Yeung were to just treat this issue, the procedure would be called a septoplasty.

When it comes to reshaping the nose, many people choose this procedure because there are aspects about their nose that they don’t like. Perhaps they want to smooth bumps along the bridge or narrow the tip. Whatever the reason, if Dr. Yeung were to treat just this issue, the procedure would be called a rhinoplasty.

However, Dr. Yeung doesn’t have to leave it at one or the other. He can treat both issues at once in a procedure called a septorhinoplasty.

One procedure, one recovery

If you were to get two separate procedures, you’d have to go through two surgeries and two recovery times. With a septorhinoplasty, however, you only go under general anesthesia once, and you get to combine two recovery periods into one.

Dr. Yeung performs most of his procedures at our own state-of-the-art surgery center, which is located in the same place as our offices. This means you’ll see the same friendly staff for your procedure.

After your septorhinoplasty, you can go home the same day once we’re sure everything went smoothly. Rest assured, we send you home with complete aftercare instructions that outline how you should best care for your nose.

Another bonus with a septorhinoplasty that some of our clients appreciate is they don’t have to explain that they got a nose job. Instead, they can explain that they underwent a procedure to correct their deviated septum. The fact that their noses may look a little different afterward is something they don’t have to address.

However you choose to navigate improving the form and function of your nose, we’re here to help. To learn more about correcting a deviated septum and getting a nose job at the same time, call or book an appointment online with Houston Sinus Surgery today.

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