Do you have a snoring problem?

Is your snoring causing a problem for you or your partner? Are you waking up tired, in part because of your snoring? If your answer is yes, then Dr. Yeung can help. Dr. Yeung’s endoscopic sinus surgery has had the proven benefit of dramatically reducing his patients’ snoring.

Here is a real example of a patient’s snoring activity before and after Dr. Yeung’s endoscopic sinus surgery:



Our patient, Tom, was a chronic snorer who was constantly being kicked out of bed by his wife. Tom’s snoring was so disruptive that he used the SnoreLab app on his phone to track what was going on overnight. According to the app, Tom ranked as an “Epic” snorer.

Tom came to us in need of help and was a good candidate for endoscopic sinus surgery. He underwent the procedure in December, and when he came back for his follow up appointments, he (and his wife!) were happy to report that his snoring had virtually gone away. (Tom gave us permission to use his before and after SnoreLab Reports from his phone above.)

You may be a chronic snorer if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Excessive sleepiness or lack of energy throughout the day
  • Morning headaches
  • Waking up to the sensation of choking or gasping restless sleep
  • Recurrent waking or insomnia
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability, depression and mood swings
  • Annoyed partner!

What are the treatment solutions?

Dr. Yeung is here to help your snoring problem. Dr. Yeung is one of the best Houston ENT and sinus specialists. Dr. Yeung has a 20+ year proven track record of providing patients with a permanent solution to chronic sinusitis and relieving snoring and other symptoms. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Yeung today!

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If you would like to download SnoreLab to see how you compare to Tom, here is the link to the app!



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